April 8, 2012

Easter Art for Every Heart

Dear followers, I wish you all a happy Easter. I hope you've had a great egg hunt and that the Bunny brought you lots of sweets.

When it comes to egg painting and colouring, I'm the one who has to get her hands dirty in my family. This year I've decided to try out something new. And since I've always admired Easter eggs with amazing patterns that are typical of Bela Krajina (a region in Slovenia), I went to an art shop and bought a special pen for applying beeswax. Well, it's everything but easy, so be patient! It helps if you draw your patterns on eggs with a pencil first. Now you just have to figure out the right temperature of the beeswax and the party gets started. :)

Here are some of my this year's ''masterpieces'' – far away from what I imagined, but unique ... and there is always next year. ;-)


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